The Program

The Owl’s Nest Oasis is a unique facility offering persons diagnosed with cognitive decline or early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s the opportunity to defy the predominate medical view of this mind stealing disease. Our program enables the majority of our guests to significantly improve their cognitive abilities and to return to live as they did prior to their symptoms of dementia.

Accepting early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s clients, the Owl's Nest program assists our guests to heal their dysfunctional brains and thus restore their lost capacities so our guests can return to living a normal pre-Alzheimer’s life. Given that today, we know the brain is capable of forming new cells and new connections, all we need to do is provide the best supportive environment and healing should take place.

This has been proven at UCLA where they had a 90% complete brain function recovery in their study focusing on a non-drug natural approach with dementia clients thereby proving neurodegenerative disorders can be reversed using only natural approaches!
With the publication of Dale Bredesen’s book, The End of Alzheimer’s, with Daniel Amen’s book, Memory Rescue, and with numerous other very recent publications, we have proof that serious lifestyle changes and individualized programs to cleanse the body and optimize the nutritional status, the hormonal balance, and the overall general health of a body, one can eliminate the offending brain damaging aspects of a person’s life and reinstate all that is needed to promote the growth of new brain cells and new neuronal connections. Incorporating these changes – as Dr. Bredesen states, repairing all 36 or more leaking holes in the roof - takes dedicated effort but the outcome is worth the work. Here at the Owl’s Nest Oasis we make these changes appealing, fun and easy.

The Owl’s Nest Oasis provides individualized support and healing therapies to give our guests the optimal opportunities to allow their bodies to heal. From organic nourishing foods, to brain restoring and stimulating therapies, to relaxing treatments and stress relief programs, the Owl's Nest non-drug “prescription” provides the opportunity for our guests to reinstate their Pre-Alzheimer's selves.

The Owl’s Nest program welcomes guests at our historic hacienda. Founded and developed by an English Canadian woman, this comprehensive medically supervised program is comprised of pleasant daily activities each scientifically proven to enhance brain health and stimulate new neuronal growth.

Here is a brief summary of the program:


Our guests enjoy delicious meals prepared fresh by our professional chefs who work hand and hand with our neuro-nutritionist. Using only organic produce and grass fed or wild caught meat, our chefs even prepare our own fermented foods to add flavor to enhance our guest’s microbiomes.



• Regular massage therapies cleanse the lymphatic systems, enhance the bodies of our guests, and employ pure essential oils to ensure even cellular level cleansing.
• Essential oils and EFT therapies reduce anxiety and help eliminate stress.
• Special breathing exercises not only calm the body but also enhance healing.
• Photobiomodulation, using Vielight equipment, stimulates the hippocampal and other regions of the brain to cleanse and produce new neuronal connections.
• Therapeutic sauna sessions enhance cleansing and provide for comfortable relaxation.
•Other individual therapies enhance the healing process.


Our guests learn in intimate settings or one on one the "Why and How" for each type of therapy. They not only learn the information but will have booklets to take home with them when they complete the program.
Training includes learning how to enjoy restorative sleep each night, how to do special breathing to enhance health, daily meditations, yoga, and more.


Our guests participate in a variety of daily-guided exercises. From core strength, to balance, and to the need for constant growth in these various areas, our guests love the sessions so much they will happily continue to do their tai chi and qigong and other practices upon returning to their own homes. Some exercises are done in the eco-pool while others are done on the expansive balcony. On inclement days the spacious great room can comfortably accommodate everyone.

Medical Attention

Our Medical Director is readily available. Our neurologist closely monitors the daily records of our guests to ensure their individual progress. In case of emergency, state of the art Hospital Universario del Rio, is less than 15 minutes away. Having all amenities and staff available and a 24/7 emergency room, this facility can successfully handle any emergency. Our staff doctors and nurses are trained to respond expertly to any needs our guests require.

Why Ecuador?

It is simple. The cost to deliver this program is prohibitive in all of North America. Ecuador is a safe location with welcoming people and highly trained medical professionals. This allows our guests to benefit financially while receiving the best remedial care at our facility.

To ensure our guests are never without expert assistance, our staff to guest ratios exceed one to one in the daytime and it is never less than two staff per three guests at night. The grounds offer a restorative Zen garden, walking paths, as well as beautiful organic gardens and an orchard. An expansive balcony and man-made waterfall as well as the pool surround the hacienda. The sun beams down on the Owl's Nest Oasis providing healthy doses of Ds and gentle fresh breezes waft fresh air around the hacienda every day. Inside the spacious suites have their own complete and safe bathrooms, and the many common rooms offer beautiful vistas and as much privacy as may be desired.

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