Dementia is a term covering a wide range of brain challenges. The various forms share some common symptoms including that the person suffering with dementia is now/ or will reach a time when they may be unable to live life safely and independently. The two most common dementias are Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia.

​When the doctor says you or your loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease, a sense of hopelessness and loss may surge through your mind. Unfortunately, most doctors have nothing to offer other than to tell you to go home and make appropriate arrangements as the mind’s deterioration may be swift or may slip slowly into oblivion. This is true because, at present, there are no magic pills or quick fixes available and no one has been offering a possible solution to halting or reversing the progress of brain cell death.

​Racing through your mind are such questions: How can I adjust my life and that of my family to deal with this new situation? How can I bear to stand by and watch my mother’s mind slip away, her behavior to become more erratic, her inability to remain home alone even for a half hour, …? All unanswerable questions. The hope for more family celebrations with Mom participating as the loving grandmother she has been fades. The promises you made to always keep her at home with the family may need to be broken for everyone’s safety and best interest. The looming financial burden may frighten you. And the grief seems insurmountable.


There is hope!

A number of neurologists have used comprehensive individualized lifestyle programs to enable their patients to restore their fading or lost cognitive abilities. They are averaging a 90% reversal rate in those patients who follow their programs and keep on these programs. None, however, have been offering a residential spa-like environment to support these needed changes and to assist their patients to acquire new enjoyable habits ensuring their futures with restored cognitive abilities.

​Dr. Dale Bredesen of UCLA has focused his research on ways to remediate Alzheimer’s Disease. There have been studies done where assigned clients with Alzheimer’s Disease have followed a supplementation program combined with multiple other natural changes incorporated into their daily life and 90% have recovered. Not without effort, but they have been able to return to work, to conduct normal activities and even to drive safely again. Information was published first in 2014. Since then Dr. Bredesen’s research has developed a "Bredesen Protocol" which has been working for most of its early stage Alzheimer’s patients. In mid-2017 Dr. Bredesen published a book called The End of Alzheimer’s and soon after began an education program for physicians to be certified in his approach to remediate Alzheimer’s. Our Oasis Medical Director is "Bredesen Protocol" certified. As is our Founder.

With our dementia trained professional staff, our expertise in all aspects of brain restoration, and our individualized remedial programs, our guests enjoy the optimal potential to regain their former cognitive abilities.

​Dietary studies have shown that a non-GMO, organic ketogenic meal plan helps “broken” brains heal. Using ketones as fuel instead of glucose has been shown to enhance new neuronal growth and therefore enhances rehabilitation and maintenance of healthy brain cells. Our expert chefs ensure the nutritional status of our guests is optimized.

​The studies and the results published by Bredesen, Amen, Perlmutter and others offer immense hope. We anticipate a future when prevention of Alzheimer’s programs are fully integrated into our communities making Alzheimer's a preventable and rare disease.

Unfortunately, few, if any, dementia care /memory care centers have implemented any of these doctors' protocols for their clients. It is unlikely that you or your physician have heard much about these breakthroughs as such information moves slowly within the established medical system.

The causes of Alzheimer’s Disease are not clearly identified, but several types (6 in fact) have been established. No, it is not the inflammatory response amyloid plaques that are to blame; and no not everyone with the genetic predisposition need develop Alzheimer’s. There appear to be three main causes of Alzheimer’s Disease, each with subsets and crossovers between the types. Here at the Owl’s Nest Oasis we ensure that each guest receives the treatments best suited for the type(s) they have.

Providing an individualized and personalized approach to remediating the brains of persons recently diagnosed has not yet been possible in existing North American facilities.

The program being delivered at The Owl’s Nest Oasis for Alzheimer’s Remediation in Ecuador is unique. Totally individualized, our program is being delivered by qualified medical professionals.

What are we doing for dementia?

At the Owl's Nest Oasis for Alzheimer’s Remediation we accept guests who are in cognitive decline or early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease into our six-month residential program. Our protocol is adapted to meet the individual needs of each person we accept. Our staff includes a neurologist, a neuropsychologist, neuro-nutritionist and other experienced medical professionals. Our medical and support staff teams work tirelessly to ensure each guest’s every need is met and that each guest always feels supported and heard.

​First, we welcome our guests into our beautiful hacienda where they enjoy freshly prepared meals (Our chefs are amazing!) and with our staff to guest ratio being at least one to one during awake hours, we encourage the guests to fully participate in our various programs - all proven individually to enhance the health of their bodies and brains.

Refreshing sleep is essential for brain health and healing, therefore while our residents sleep, we maintain awake staff, including a doctor, to care for anyone experiencing challenges during their restorative sleep periods.

​All our staff speak English fluently and understand dementia and the manner in which they can encourage each guest to participate. Our staff oversee and support each guest and quietly track their progress. We make immediate program changes for guests as needed. A state-of-the-art hospital is mere minutes away should an emergency arise.

​Our patient coordinator interacts with each guest ensuring that they are understanding and enjoying their programs and she works hard to motivate them to actively participate in each planned activity.

We are here to pave the way for a better tomorrow. We hope that the future will be free of Alzheimer’s Disease. Our outreach extends beyond Ecuador as we work to change the lifestyle choices within communities around the world about how they can take action to live their lives healthily and thus avoid ever developing many chronic diseases including Alzheimer’s.

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