The Mission of the Owl’s Nest Oasis for Alzheimer’s Remediation is to be the leader in the prevention and remediation of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s Disease.

To achieve this mission, we:​

  • Use leading edge, integrative, customized, and collaborative natural health enhancing programs to able our guest to remove toxic substances from their bodies, to provide excellent nutrition including elements in which the guest may be deficient, to provide special supplements and alternative treatments that restore and build new brain neuronal connections, and to guide our guests to acquire new habits enabling them to reestablish their best possible selves and to maintain their health when they return to their homes.
  • Treat our guests with compassion and authenticity.
  • Provide expert support to ensure each guest is leading their most fulfilling and restorative “best life”.
  • Provide expertly trained professional care to ensure our guests enjoy a secure, welcoming, individualized, respectful, responsive, and healing environment.
  • Provide stimulating brain enhancing programs to further complement and augment our healing therapies.
  • Operate our facility as ecological as possible within a toxic-chemical-free and organic environment ensuring that our guests are not exposed to potentially harmful substances which may have previously contributed to their cognitive decline and Alzheimer's.
  • Incorporate interior and exterior design principles to provide a welcoming home-like non-institutional environment.
  • Provide one-to-one individualized support 24/7.

The Owl’s Nest Oasis for Alzheimer’s Remediation envisions a future where all elders can expect to lead fully functioning and contributory healthy lives through all their years.

At the Owl’s Nest Oasis, our guests actively participate in programs designed to optimize their health status, including their neurological health, within a supportive healing community. Here, our guests, following their individualized programs, can achieve their personal best health status and learn how they can maintain their optimal levels of health and functionality when they return home.

Our “OWLS” Vision

Older Wiser Laughing Souls

living fully cognizant, productive, and joyful lives.

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