Sacred Mountain
Nestled on a quiet mountainside in the Andes of Ecuador, a short distance from the historic UNESCO city of Cuenca, the renovated 160-year-old hacienda welcomes guests into the serene comfortable homelike environment of this private facility. The grounds offer a restorative Zen garden, walking paths, as well as beautiful organic gardens and an orchard. The hacienda is surrounded by an expansive balcony and a man-made waterfall as well as the pool. The sun beams down on the Owl’s Nest Oasis providing plenty of sunshine and gentle fresh breezes bringing fresh air around the hacienda every day. Our guests, when relaxing outside or enjoying the spacious interior of the hacienda, enjoy a totally toxin free environment in which to heal. Even the pool, an Ecosmarte one, uses only oxygen and copper to maintain its pristine state. The hacienda’s many common rooms offer beautiful vistas and cheerful gathering areas, yet allow for as much privacy and quiet time as may be desired.
With comfortable rooms, spacious modern bathrooms, beautiful patio settings, gourmet meals and personalized attention, it will feel as if you are on vacation at a five-star resort. To learn more about about the Owl's Nest Oasis, please contact us today.

Ecuador is a beautiful and diverse country – from its differing array of Pacific beaches to the breathtaking Andes Mountains, from the ecological wonders of the Galapagos Islands and the Andean jungle, this country offers both great biological and geographic diversity and a similar diversity of indigenous cultures. Over 140 species of hummingbirds, 3500 orchid species, 4500 butterfly species and much more await your discovery. Within the borders of this country, barely the size of Nevada, live more than 14 different indigenous peoples. Every corner offers an opportunity to discover fascinating handicrafts and intriguing cultural heritage.

​The Owl’s Nest Oasis is located in the Andes Mountains near the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca. From the cobblestone streets and the more than 52 old world cathedrals to the three rivers flowing through the city, Cuenca abounds with history and culture. Within city limits one can visit historic Incan and pre-Incan sites, amazing cultural museums and enjoy foods from around the world. Medical care is world class with most doctors having studied and practiced medicine in their specialties in North America or Europe.

​Why Ecuador

Ecuador is a safe inviting country. Here in the Andes we enjoy clean air and a year-round pleasant climate. Learn more about Ecuador
Our remediation center meets the highest health care standards while having only organic foods and products readily available. Our welcoming staff and highly trained medical professionals provide our guests with a friendly home away from home. Our guests benefit from having our medical staff providing them with individualized remedial care around the clock.
Our facility currently accepts only six guests per session allowing us to focus on each individual to ensure each person is progressing optimally towards regaining all their former capabilities and easily adopting new habits that will enable them to retain their newly acquired habits into the future.
Close by is the ultra-modern Hospital Universitario del Rio – a mere 15-minute drive away (clearly faster in emergencies). Able to expertly manage any emergency, this hospital offers 24/7 services. Access to exceptional medical care is a priority at our facility hence we have a doctor awake and on site every night and other medical specialists visiting each day to work with and oversee the progress of our guests.
For more information on historical Cuenca and visiting this charming city, visit:

For some people, considering receiving medical care in a “foreign” country can be a concern. And particularly traveling to Ecuador, a Spanish speaking country, to reside for six months in a facility or bringing your partner or parent here and leaving them in our care can be a stressful decision. We can assure you all our staff speak excellent English; our administrators, our Medical Director, and our patient coordinator as well as our General Manager are all North American born and educated. Our care program is noninvasive. Our department heads are certified in the Bredesen Protocol. We use only products readily available in North America – from cleaning agents (everything organic and nontoxic) to our body lotions and essential oils – and we insist that our guests have our trained attendants nearby at all times.

​We help you obtain the necessary visas, suggest travel arrangements, meet you when you arrive at either Guayaquil or Quito (International Airports) and help you with all arrangements needed to be here and to have this opportunity to fully recover from this dreadful brain thief. As well, we put you in contact with experts to help family and friends who while visiting their loved ones may want to visit and explore this diverse country of Ecuador.

​We keep in regular touch with families and friends at “home” and make skype connections possible so you can have time to truly connect with your loved ones. We can even arrange for family and friends to stay at beautiful nearby hotels and guest homes. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Inquiries made using our preliminary application forms should be responded to in less than 24 hours.

​We do have a list of medical tests to be undertaken by prospective guests prior to being accepted. The results allow our team of experts to review each application and to determine if we can assist these potential guests overcome their cognitive challenges.

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