Culprits of Dementia – Innocent drugs?

Although doctors state that no one knows what causes dementia, it is known that when an area of the brain lacks nourishment (oxygen, “fuel”, etc.) and inflammation or other damage has occurred to disrupt appropriate blood and lymphatic flow the […]

We Have Been Looking At The Wrong Problems

Sometimes, unfortunately, research barks up the wrong trees.   In June 2012, the Journal of Pharmacology published an article by Dr. Naviaux called “Oxidative Shielding or Oxidative Stress?”   Sounds complicated, so I will attempt to provide a layman’s view after the […]

Curing Alzheimer’s. YES. It is happening!

Not long ago the Guardian newspaper printed an attached article.  It is a poignant article about one family’s search for a cure for Alzheimer’s.  I am so sorry their story played out without a happy solution – a solution the […]

Free Radicals and Alzheimer’s Disease: How to keep these electron thieves in balance.

How to keep these electron thieves in balance. We don’t catch Alzheimer’s.   We don’t go into a room with someone in advanced stages of this mind thief and come out worrying about our exposure to them.  There is no germ […]

Dementia – The Mind Robber

Alzheimer’s Disease – the most prevalent type of dementia In most people, dementia slowly creeps forward like an iceberg.  One watches as a once joyful, vibrant loved one slips deeper into this quagmire, this mind robber.  The slow mental and […]

What is Dementia

Dementia is a term covering a wide range of brain challenges.  The various forms share some common symptoms including that the person suffering with dementia is now/ or will reach a time when they may be unable to live life […]
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