Brain Books

Dear Readers, I would like to list a few books written by prominent physicians that provide the information you can use to maintain your brain and to repair broken brains.  I have picked a few doctors whose books you may […]

We Have Been Looking At The Wrong Problems

Sometimes, unfortunately, research barks up the wrong trees.   In June 2012, the Journal of Pharmacology published an article by Dr. Naviaux called “Oxidative Shielding or Oxidative Stress?”   Sounds complicated, so I will attempt to provide a layman’s view after the […]

Curing Alzheimer’s. YES. It is happening!

Not long ago the Guardian newspaper printed an attached article.  It is a poignant article about one family’s search for a cure for Alzheimer’s.  I am so sorry their story played out without a happy solution – a solution the […]

Caregivers – Ideas for avoiding personal health risks

A short story from real life – the names and the circumstances have been changed to protect the privacy of persons concerned. Eric moved into his father’s home to assist his dad in regaining his once vibrant health.  Eric set […]

Amazing New Information – Must Reads

The summer of 2017 brought two books relating to recovering from dementia – or preventing its development.  The first book gives an in depth understanding of what is known and can be done to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. The second relates […]

SLEEP – Making Sleep a Priority is in Your Best Interest!

We spend one third of our lives sleeping.  Some of us try to shortcut this as we believe we have more important ways to spend our time and some of us shortchange ourselves because we are so over committed that […]

Free Radicals and Alzheimer’s Disease: How to keep these electron thieves in balance.

How to keep these electron thieves in balance. We don’t catch Alzheimer’s.   We don’t go into a room with someone in advanced stages of this mind thief and come out worrying about our exposure to them.  There is no germ […]

Why Come to Ecuador to Regain Your Brain?

You have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease yet you are managing quite well.  Why should you travel to stay with us at the Owl’s Nest Oasis in Ecuador? There are many reasons to come but these are the negative ideas […]

Culprits of Dementia – Innocent drugs?

Although doctors state that no one knows what causes dementia, it is known that when an area of the brain lacks nourishment (oxygen, “fuel”, etc.) and inflammation or other damage has occurred to disrupt appropriate blood and lymphatic flow the […]
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