About the Owl's Nest Oasis

At The Owl’s Nest Oasis we welcome our guests into our “brain healing” environment. We provide expert support to prepare and enable your body and your brain to heal. We follow the protocols proven by medical professionals to restore full functioning to most persons participating in our program. We do not mask any symptoms. Instead we seek out each cause and then enable your body to restore itself to its optimal functioning. Drugs are not a part of our program as these have not proven to be useful in the remediation of the symptoms and causes of Alzheimer’s.

Our approach individualizes each guest’s treatment plan and through our pleasant program we facilitate you to remove the causes of inflammation, gently open pathways for toxins to leave your body, and give your body what it needs to optimize healing!
Indeed, the Owl’s Nest Oasis is unique. We offer you the chance to defy the predominate medical view of this mind stealing disease. We defy the conventional approach of having you put your affairs in order and waiting and declining, of losing memories, words, your place in your home and neighborhood. We defy the conventional approach that this is a slow death where you will eventually lose your ability to take care of your own basic needs, where you do not recognize those you love and your brain atrophies until it can no longer maintain life. You, the afflicted person, and the caring family and friends have to watch you slowly lose who you are… This is not the outcome you should expect today! This is not healing.

Today, many advanced thinking functional medicine doctors are enabling persons with this diagnosis to reverse the brain damage inflicted by their lifestyles, their genetic predispositions, their toxic overloads and more. These doctors are experiencing amazing success rates with their cognitive decline and early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s clients yet you hardly ever hear about their work. WHY? How is it that your doctor lays out for you a future filled with losses of all that makes you you? How is it that the sites you search frantically offer little or usually no hope? Yet we, at the Owl’s Nest Oasis, offer you the opportunity to learn and incorporate all you may need to recover your lost self. We expect you will return to live life fully, to play with your grandchildren, to take care of your own needs, to drive again, to explore new adventures… We expect you to regain your life!
As you have already discovered, there are no pills that work. Billions have been spent searching for a magic pill to no avail. Two drugs have offered a temporary masking of symptoms but have resulted in a faster decline after their use for a short while. This one stop solution has not been found. And it is not likely to be discovered as the basis of developing Alzheimer’s is a complicated multi-faceted challenge – a challenge of lifestyle choices and events and things we have been exposed to. Hence there is no one cause – no not even your genetics – and therefore we cannot expect a one or more pill solution.

The solution lies in major lifestyle changes!. Why then can we confidently state that we can help you regain your former capabilities? Because we do all that the successful functional medicine doctors have been doing and more. We gently guide you through the appropriate portions of their programs within a caring supportive environment, without chemicals, and with expertly trained English speaking staff to work one on one with you, to help you heal, and to help you grow new neurons and build more synapses and most importantly - to get well again! You can read about these doctors – ones who are reversing Alzheimer’s in more than 90% of their patients. And you can read their books and study their research. Then you will know that we at the Owl’s Nest Oasis are carefully helping each guest we accept to move along their personal path to restore their health.

Here is a link to articles we have attached and resources you can search showing you definitively that reversal of Alzheimer’s is possible and that many persons have successfully turned the ravages of this disease around. And no, the solution is not simple – which is why we offer a six-month residential boot camp to give you time to heal and to adopt new habits that will keep your brain healthy and vibrant for many more years.
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