The First Residential Alzheimer’s Remediation Facility in the World!!!

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At The Owl’s Nest Oasis we welcome our guests into our “brain healing” environment. We provide expert support to prepare and enable your body and your brain to heal. We follow the protocols proven by medical professionals to restore full functioning to most persons participating in our program. We do not mask any symptoms.

Alzheimer’s Recovery Is Possible!

The State of Alzheimer’s: Today there are more than 46.8 million persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Yet only 1 of 4 have been diagnosed! We have reached epidemic numbers with presently no hope in sight. There are no programs or treatments dedicated to the reversal of Alzheimer’s symptoms. The burden on families and society is enormous and growing. Providing appropriate care and support is cost prohibitive and emotionally draining. A solution must be found!

The Solution: The Owl’s Nest Oasis Alzheimer’s Remediation program!
This unique program is the first residential recovery program in the world! This ground breaking program is designed to reverse cognitive decline and the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. The program is a comprehensive, completely natural, fully individualized one that has been developed to heal the body and brain in a safe, non-toxic environment.
Imagine going back to your pre-dementia state of being. It is possible. In this six-month program, our guests participate in a 100% medically supervised, scientifically proven program to help heal the brain and the body it controls. In the beautiful Ecuadorian Andes in a spa-like, five-star environment, our guests enjoy one-to-one staffing, organic delicious meals, as well as individualized body and brain remediation programs. All while being as cost effective as possible – allowing the opportunity to free one from the long years of expensive care facilities and the inevitable end. Contact us today to find out more about this life changing program!


Our "OWLS" Vision

Older Wiser Laughing Souls

Living fully cognizant, productive, and joyful lives.

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